2022 Key Home Interior Trends


After spending the past couple of years confined in our homes, it’s time to revitalise our living spaces. Inspired by a newfound appreciation for the uplifting power of nature, 2022 home trends are focused around reclaiming our space, introducing neutral colours, and opening the home to the outdoors.

“Our homes are having to work harder than ever to meet our needs – now doubling as offices, gyms, schools and more – that’s why introducing a new refreshing multi-functional space can really benefit your home and lifestyle.”

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Blurring the Boundaries

Our Oak Framed Extensions are a wonderful way to fill your home with natural light and bring the outdoors indoors. Fusing the home with biophilic design elements, not only enhances your property but also improves both mental and physical wellbeing; this becoming all that more important with the increase in time we are all spending in our homes. Our requirements for that change of dynamic, feel and urge for natural light and nature has developed into an essential part of our lives and our wellbeing.

The large glazing to frame ratio immerses you amongst nature all year round; incorporating bifold doors into the design provides a seamless transition into the garden, perfect for the warmer summer months.

Additionally, the introduction of house plants within your home further strengthens this indoor-outdoor living trend and helps to bring life into your room as well as a touch of colour.


Colour Theory

A Nude Mood

Neutrals are bright and uplifting, working well and easily alongside other colour pallets. Introducing darker nudes and textural elements will add depth to the room without dominating the overall feel of the space. The natural rawness of Seasoned Oak is a stunning way to add both texture and warming tones, offering a positive and soothing environment.



Evergreen Energy

Green tones also play well into the natural theme, helping stimulate the mood-boosting qualities of spending time outdoors. Painting the walls and ceiling between the exposed rafters of a Garden Room is the perfect way to boldly introduce these green tones. However, if you love a pop of colour but aren’t invested in a permanent statement, adding in rich emerald tones with smaller decorative items such as cushions, prints or vases is the perfect alternative solution.


Sky High Feeling

Shades of pale blue is another colour trend predicted for this year; representing the sky, this colour creates a light, calming and optimistic atmosphere. Adding an Oak Orangery or Oak Conservatory Extension to your home, not only adds an additional multi-functional living space, but also introduces views of the blue sky from above whilst bringing in plentiful natural light through the overhead glazing – offering an escape from the rush of day-to-day life with an uplifting feeling of pure serenity.

With perfect blue sky’s being unpredictable in the UK our Oak Extension projects are designed to offer a haven and multi-sensory experience all year round – “Enjoy the soothing pitter pattering of April showers, watch as storm clouds drift on by and hunker down when the surrounding gardens are cloaked in snow”.


Make A Statement

A Fifth Wall

Often forgotten, the ceiling can act as a fifth wall, offering a third dimension and additional layer of interest to the room. You can be bold on the ceiling; introducing patterns and colour will create a cosier, more engaging space. Taking the wall colour or wallpaper up onto the ceiling will add a sense of cohesion and make an even bigger statement. Adding glazing elements will provide a wow factor that offers a viewing platform of the skies throughout the seasons. Together with bringing in natural light from above, an Oak Lantern offers that slight bit of additional height to the room which helps to emphasise the vast amount of light and space brought to the property, creating a bright and airy living space, that is forever more craved.

Oak Framed Orangery Lantern


Natures Canvas

Take advantage of countryside views with bi-fold doors, creating your own personal gallery of the captivating outdoors, with your own garden. Bringing the surrounding landscape into your interior design provides a pure colour pallet to work with. It is key to carefully consider furniture that will harmonise rather than overpower; and remove any clutter that will distract from the openness of the space. Using natural colours, textures and materials, will create a calming ambience and keep the outdoors as the focus of the room.

Oak Framed Orangery

Webb – Tiled Oak Orangery Project

Light & Shade

If you like to make a statement in your home, hanging large pendant chandeliers and being playful with unique lights is a popular trend of 2022. Good lighting should accentuate the desired ambience of the room and highlight unique decorative features; as with shelf and artwork lighting, the exposed Oak rafters can become an even bolder statement by adding spotlights or directional up-lights between them, giving a more defined and contoured look creating ‘A real WOW factor!’.

Both our Garden Rooms and Orangeries offer high ceilings, which is the perfect place for a statement chandelier; offering an artistic way to illuminate the exquisite features of the Oak frame whilst creating a warm soothing atmosphere.

Barso – Oak Framed Garden Room


Make a statement not only in your home, but also your lifestyle. Take ‘Cottagecore’ to the next level and become totally immersed in the outdoors with an Oak Framed Extension. ‘Cottagecoring’ embraces traditional interiors and lifestyles evoking simpler times. An exposed Oak frame is an authentic element to this design trend; incorporating botanical prints and vintage décor into the room will enhance the nostalgic sense of an idyllic country cottage. Adding traditional but natural colours will keep things contemporary whilst adding depth and character; paired with the warm tones of exposed Oak beams will ensure to create a cosy ambience. This traditional design trend also encourages the sense of indoor-outdoor living by introducing plants and dried flowers into the space, perfectly in style for 2022.

Oak Framed Garden Rooms


Revitalising your home is a must this year! Creating an open plan multi-functional space by adding an Oak Framed Extension is the perfect way to update and refresh your living space.

If you’re looking to extend, request a brochure or book a free design consultation to begin your home transformation today.