Orangery for Mr & Mrs Bartholdi

‘From start to finish we have been amazed by Prime Oak. We explained to our designer that we needed a much bigger kitchen for our Bartholdi Cookery School (opening January 2015) and more space for entertaining. We were very impressed with the complex computer generated images that were produced at the site visit, it helped us get a feel for how the building would look and how the space could be used to incorporate the needs for our new cooking school. We also chose to have both bi-folding doors and a set of French doors which have been great to bring the outside in and integrate our patio area, we are overall very pleased with our choice and love having our bi-folding doors open. Our salesman was very enthusiastic and helpful, and as soon as the building started everything was excellent, a really great team. We took advantage of Prime Oak’s planning service and everything ran smoothly, much to our delight.

The reality turned out exactly as expected! Even though the design of the proposed building was different to the rest of our house, it complemented it beautifully, adding just enough ‘rustic’ to keep the contemporary kitchen in keeping with our home. Our salesman came up with our beautiful design and incorporated all of our requirements and desires and we are extremely happy with the result. Our Prime Oak Orangery has made a huge change to our daily lives and has definitely enhanced our lifestyle, we have had many compliments on our building and will be recommending Prime Oak in the future and should the opportunity arise, we would definitely be repeating our custom.’

Mr & Mrs Bartholdi