Conservatory replacement for Mr & Mrs Black

Mr & Mrs Black had been looking to replace their 20 year old conservatory as it was becoming too expensive to maintain and had not lasted very well at all, much to their disappointment. Therefore they decided to choose oak to replace their conservatory as they knew it would be a building for life. “We initially chose to go with an oak framed extension to replace our conservatory that only lasted 20 years. Prime Oak’s service was very good, the design was excellent and the team ‘behind the scenes’ were very helpful too”.

Mr & Mrs Black’s wanted their new orangery to be larger than their current conservatory and was designed to widen their view point of their garden. “It has definitely provided us with the enhanced and extended views of our garden that we requested”. Their orangery also provides them with a more balanced all year round temperature as there is more insulation and protection from the sun than in their conservatory.

“Our orangery complements our former ‘Victorian parsonage’ home very well and we have had many compliments from our friends and family. Prime Oak definitely lived up to our expectations.”

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