Timber FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified

FSC Certified timber, renowned for its environmental benefits, ensures responsible forest management worldwide. Balancing ecological, social, and economic aspects, FSC timber promotes sustainability through stringent guidelines. Our commitment to FSC extends to the construction of our Oak Framed Buildings, reinforcing our dedication to environmentally conscious practices. By choosing FSC-certified timber, we contribute to the preservation of ecosystems, support social responsibility, and promote long-term economic viability while constructing structures that stand as testaments to sustainable living.

Prime Oak Swallows Nest

Wildlife Habitat

Swallows are invaluable allies for farmers, nesting in barns and oak buildings. As voracious insect eaters, they provide natural pest control, curbing populations of harmful insects that threaten crops. Their presence reduces the need for chemical pesticides, promoting eco-friendly farming practices. Moreover, these agile birds contribute to the ecosystem by dispersing seeds and aiding in pollination. Embracing swallows as cohabitants not only enhances biodiversity but also fosters a harmonious balance between agriculture and nature, showcasing the mutually beneficial relationship between these avian inhabitants and human structures.

Prime Oak has built over 6000 open bay Oak Barns in the UK since 1999

Barn Owls

Our own logo focuses on the Barn Owl and there is a clear relationship with our business and the species.

Barn Owl Boxes serve as critical habitats for Barn Owls, aiding in their conservation efforts while also benefiting the environment in various ways. By providing artificial nesting sites, barn owl boxes offer refuge for these majestic birds, helping to stabilize their populations amidst habitat loss and degradation. Overall, the installation of barn owl boxes represents a sustainable solution that not only supports the conservation of barn owls but also enhances environmental health and resilience by promoting natural pest control and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

We have made it our mission to offer every client from 2024 onwards a complimentary owl box.

We supply Owl Boxes free of charge to all clients
Prime Oak Owl Box
Prime Oak Kestrel Box

Kestrel Boxes

Kestrel boxes are vital for sustaining bird populations in the UK, especially as natural habitats diminish in rural areas. These boxes provide essential nesting sites for species like Sparrowhawks and Tawny Owls, aiding in pest control by supporting the presence of natural predators. By offering alternative habitats, kestrel boxes help mitigate the impacts of habitat loss and fragmentation, ensuring breeding success and population stability for these birds.

Moreover, kestrel boxes promote biodiversity by attracting a diverse range of cavity-nesting bird species, enriching local ecosystems and supporting ecological interactions. Overall, kestrel boxes represent a practical conservation measure that supports bird populations, preserves ecosystems, and fosters biodiversity in the UK.


Cupolas, elegant and functional architectural elements, have gained popularity for their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits in enhancing Oak Framed Buildings. Clients seeking to incorporate cupolas into their structures can enjoy numerous advantages. These charming additions not only serve as distinctive design features but also play a crucial role in helping birds that might otherwise prefer to nest on the roof. The raised positioning of cupolas, perched atop the building, creates an elevated vantage point for birds to enjoy. This design choice helps maintain the pristine appearance of the Oak Framed Structure while providing a humane solution to bird-related challenges. Clients can tailor the style and size of cupolas at the project design stage, which can complement the overall building designs, adding a touch of character and individuality to their architectural endeavors.

Prime Oak Cupola

Our Vision

We aim to plant 40 acres of Oak Plantation Woodland, to improve the biodiversity and make our business a positive contributor to the wildlife habitat in the UK.

Prime Oak was delighted to have played a significant role in supporting sustainability efforts through the Plant A Tree pledge, particularly at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park within the South Downs National Park back in 2021. Working alongside Country Life and Forestry England, we witnessed the commencement of a transformative project aimed at introducing new biodiversity to this cherished environment.

With Prime Oak’s contribution, along with the generous donations from Country Life readers and Charles Stanley, the campaign successfully raised £11,625. This funding helped the Forestry England to plant 2,300 trees, marking a significant step towards restoring over half of the affected area to woodland at the beginning of January 2022.

Our Goal

We aim to provide each client in the future with an Oak sapling that they can plant in their garden to assure the continuity of Oak trees in our country.
Prime Oak Plantation
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