Oak Conservatory, Oak Orangery or Oak Garden Room?


Wondering if an Oak Conservatory, Oak Orangery or Oak Garden Room extension is the right style for you? The below information will provide you with the key differences between the products to get you started.

  • Oak Garden Rooms
  • Oak Conservatories
  • Oak framed tiled orangeries
  • Traditional Oak Orangeries
Firstly, what is the main difference?

There are certain elements that set this trio of home extensions apart; the main and most obvious distinction is the roof design.


Starting with what’s probably the most well-known of the three, the Conservatory (also known as a Sunroom, Summer House, Glass Room) is defined by its fully glazed roof and walls. The high proportion of glazing allows for unobstructed views of the outdoors but has also earnt the structure a reputation for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter; this can be mitigated by the addition of bi-folding doors and windows, reflective glass film and heating systems. More commonly built in uPVC, homeowners are now opting for a higher quality timber material; providing a more natural timeless look and greener option, which in turn helps their home investment last a lifetime.

It’s also worth noting that Conservatories, in particular Oak framed Conservatories, are sometimes the preferred choice of planning authorities for traditional building extensions, especially on Listed Buildings.

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Oak framed conservatory
Oak framed conservatory


Originating in Italy to protect Mediterranean fruit trees in the harsh winter period, the Orangery is designed to moderate temperatures without compromising on light exposure. Different from the Conservatory, the Orangery offers a more even balance between Oak, glazing and roof insulation. This design element helps to balance the room temperature throughout the changing seasons, creating a relaxing ambient temperature even as the cool nights draw in and the summer days heat up.

The key design feature of the Orangery is a lantern (also known as a Roof Light, Sky Light, Roof Lantern). A lantern provides a dramatic centrepiece to the room, filling the space with plentiful natural light, perfect for kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces where overhead light is a must. Our Oak Roof Lights allow you to rise with the sun and be beneath the stars, truly emersed with nature.

We offer two roofing styles for our Oak Orangeries:

Traditional Oak Orangeries

Traditional Oak Orangeries

Perfectly nestling beneath first floor windows, the Traditional Oak Orangery design has a completely flat roof, allowing you to maximise the height of the extension without obstructing any first-floor views. These high ceilings, with the potential for full floor-to-ceiling glazing, will make your extension feel wonderfully light and airy and substantially increasing the sense of space in the room. Offering a more minimalistic design, the Traditional Orangery presents a contemporary feel both internally and externally, ideal for either the more modern home or traditional home looking to make a design statement.

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Tiled Oak Orangeries

Tiled Oak Orangeries

A Tiled Oak Orangery (also known as a Mansard Orangery) is part flat roof and part tiled in design. Externally, this option allows you to match the roof tiles with the existing home to create a seamless blend between old and new. Internally, exposed Oak rafters provide a real wow factor, directing the eye to the stunning overhead lantern; many clients opt to embellish the lantern further by hanging a statement chandelier, creating a dramatic and elegant focal point to the room.

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Last but by no means least are our Oak Garden Room extensions. Featuring a fully tiled and insulated pitched roof, this extension design, like our Orangeries, is perfect at maintaining an ambient room temperature all year round. Garden Rooms boast high ceilings and a striking glazed Gable end feature, perfectly framing your garden views. Choosing to incorporate extra design features such as Oak trusses and exposed Oak rafters will immerse your home in character; or for a more minimalistic design opting for hidden rafters may suit best. Externally, Garden Rooms provide the opportunity to seamlessly blend old and new by matching roof tiles, brickwork and often the roof pitch.

Oak Garden Room
Oak Garden Room

Overall, each of our Oak extensions offer a wonderful addition to any home. Having their own unique features enables you to achieve the bespoke design you are looking for – take a look at our ‘Top Tips article’ for advice on how to start designing the perfect space to add to your home.


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