Crafting the Very Finest,
Natural Oak is a Journey.

We Encapture Its Beauty...

  • Manufacturing Oak Timber Frames

    After our drawing team have finalised the intricacies of each individual design component, our state of the art machines saw the oak beams into the dimensions required and then our framing team get to work.

  • Manufacturing Oak Timber Frames

    Every project is individually framed in our workshops by our framing team to ensure the perfect fit is achieved once the project is delivered and installed on site.

  • Oak Timber Frames

    Down to the details of hand crafting each mortice and tenon and then checking each joint to ensure the building goes together seamlessly on site.

  • Season Oak and Green Oak

    Our own on site drying yards where our oak is seasoned for 2-5 years. Find out more about seasoned oak vs green oak on our news page.

From the concept idea developed by our experienced design team, to the planning applications made by our in-house team, to our fitting teams on site, each element of our product journey is carried out by specialists.

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Our products are handcrafted and made to order. Each timber beam is hand selected from our own extensive drying yards after it has been seasoned between 2-5 years. This allows the timber time for it to dry out and move during its initial settling stage. This level of quality control allows us to ensure beams with any major movements in are not used for any structural sections of a project and are used for our smallest components or in some cases, used to heat our factories.

Going above and beyond in our attention to detail ensures we are offering the highest quality product on the market.

Oak framed high quality detailed photo

“We take pride in our beautiful work and seeing our client’s enjoyment from the fruits of our labour.”


Alongside our strive to deliver the highest quality product to the market, we are also committed to giving back to the environment and ensuring our processes are as eco-friendly as possible.

We manage many eco-friendly processes throughout our processes on a day to day basis, as well as developing more substantial practices into our new purpose built factory due for completion early 2022. Check out our news story on the build for further information on our exciting eco-friendly initiatives.

Oak framed consultation service

As a tight knit family run business we benefit from the closeness and personal touches as well as the depth and stature of a developing successful business.

Over the last 30 years we have continuously developed the brand, product and processes to provide a first class experience along with an unrivalled product as we understand the importance of such an investment and the lifestyle changes that can be achieved.

We now have 2 established show sites across the UK and another being developed. Head to our Show Sites page to find your nearest, to truly understand our efforts and unsurpassed level of quality that we offer.

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