Plant a Tree Pledge

Plant a tree

Our Pledge: for every project we sell in 2021, we will plant a sapling!

We are very excited to take our eco-friendly practices to a new level this year.

Working with a natural material puts the environment at the heart of our business and sustainable forestry ensures that we will be able to enjoy oak as the beautiful, raw and versatile material that it is for many years to come.

Not only does sustainable forestry ensure continuous biodiversity, but also increases the reduction in CO2, as absorption rates decrease as trees mature. Therefore, harvesting old and planting new trees that absorb more CO2 has a positive effect on climate change, whilst also moving the timber industry towards a carbon neutral footprint.

We’re very excited to give back to the planet and further reduce our own carbon footprint. This sustainable initiative is also reflected in our upcoming new office and factory premises, which will incorporate a biomass heating system and solar panels – read our New Office & Factory news article to find out more.

Alongside our campaign to plant 1 tree per order, we are also donating to the Country Life & Forestry England ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ initiative, enabling them to plant an additional 300 trees on our behalf!