Oak Entertaining Spaces

Oak Entertaining Spaces
Oak framed entertaining space

Our Oak Entertaining Spaces are perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining family and friends.

The covered canopy design creates an excellent focal point within the garden whilst providing a shelter from the elements.

Our Entertaining Spaces work independently and in combination with additional projects.

This featured project was initially installed as an independent oak veranda. Our clients loved the warmth and character the oak provided and were struggling to moderate the temperature in their existing PVC conservatory so opted for an Oak Framed Orangery. Both spaces offer uninterrupted views of the garden whilst providing protection from the elements.


See our Traditional Oak Orangery case study.

Oak framed entertaining shelter
  • Oak framed entertaining space
  • Oak framed building

Oak naturally sits within outdoor environments, complementing the surroundings. An unobtrusive timeless addition to the garden, often a summer saviour during our unpredictable British weather. The Oak Entertaining Space can be a perfect addition to any property.

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