Cotswold Cottage Oak Garden Room with Feature Glazed Gable


Oak framed garden room extension with glazed gable

Oak Framed Buildings are the perfect choice

Nestled in a quaint Cotswold village, this beautiful property is home to the Hewlett’s, a family of 5 plus their newest puppy addition Bramble. Keen to raise their growing family within the picturesque village, in a cottage that was once their Grandmother’s, they soon discovered the need for additional space.

Oak felt like a sympathetic and complementary choice, being a natural material, to sit alongside the Cotswold stone cottage. After a referral from a friend in the local village, who suggested Prime Oak could offer the best product, the Hewlett’s made contact and booked a free design consultation. After discussing ideas and needs for the bespoke project a sketch and quote were created for an Oak Garden Room, which would become a dining room linking to the kitchen, helping to open up the current kitchen and provide much needed extra space and natural light. The extension was also designed to continue the home further in its L-shaped layout, creating a lovely courtyard space between the old and new stone building.

Delightful space with the Oak Garden Room

The Oak Garden Room is a carefully considered addition to the existing cottage which oozes character and charm. The stunning glazed gable is a real focal feature, it has given the family a light and spacious open plan kitchen dining room with wonderful views to the church, surrounding meadows and beyond!

Opting for bi-fold doors means the dining room can be extended out onto the alfresco dining area during the summer months, perfect for entertaining with friends and family. Bramble also has easy access to the garden all year round as the bi-fold doors feature a master door allowing single door use on days when the weather isn’t so pleasant.

The Oak Garden Room is such a delightful space which is enjoyed by all the family on a daily basis. The height of the room creates a stunning vaulted ceiling which adds a real wow factor.

Having panoramic views of the garden brings nature back into their surroundings even when indoors and provides a relaxing backdrop for every family meal, bringing the heart of the home back into the kitchen.

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  • Oak framed garden room at dusk
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