Oak Garden Room with Exposed Rafters


Oak framed garden room with exposed rafters

The Design

Our clients required a dining area space for their growing family.  They wanted something that would give them panoramic views of their quintessential garden and sit harmoniously with their existing home, that would also maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.


An Oak Garden Room design was proposed and developed around the farmhouse dining table required for the room, with French doors out onto the garden for easy access, a dwarf wall and glazing to the side elevations and a feature glazed gable on the rear elevation.

The exposed rafters create warmth and character, whilst the vaulted ceiling adds depth and an additional sense of space, a great technique for those who only require a small extension that still want to feel a vast openness in their new room.

Our Oak Garden Room design features a fully tiled and insulated roof which helps minimise heat transfer, be it cold or hot, keeping the room a pleasant temperature for use all year round. A glazed gable is also one of the key features, encouraging additional primary light into the room and extending views out into the garden.

Small oak framed garden room
Oak framed garden room cameo

The Outcome

Nestled into their garden sits our stunning unimposing Oak Garden Room, perfect for all family meal times and even homework sessions!

The views into the garden provide a relaxing backdrop to be enjoyed throughout the year and its changing seasons.

Our clients couldn’t be happier with their final choice and how the project has developed into such an asset within their home. Once our buildings are in place, it’s strange to think they were once not there.